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It’s been a week since the Manchester attack. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,

Ariana Grande, 22 deaths & 60 wounded, Manchester, Concert

There. Now you know.

The suicidal bomber? A 22-year old guy. Unbelievable.

Among the deaths? A 8-year old girl. What hurts me the most is that there were a lot of children there. Among those children was this girl who didn’t make it unfortunately. It kills me that some people are so sick in their minds that they think it’s alright to kill and wound several people. I mean what could possibly go on in your mind that you think that’s okay?

Music is also a place where you should be able to go and have fun and forget about every horrid moment that has happened in your life and just enjoy 2 hours of genuine fun. I’ve been trying to escape with music. Escape from those horrid moments. The pain everybody must be going through it breaks me inside, eventually there might be someone needed to pick up the pieces.

Everything that has happened it haunts me every day. And yes, I do have my distractions like my amazing friends. They are the only reason why I am excited to go to school every day. Among other distractions is a boy. Obviously, there’s a teenager talking now :p

There’s a lot about my life that I wish that I could have done differently, if I could go back I wouldn’t have been such an ass. I wouldn’t have to make such dumb decisions and I would have changed everything for the better.

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