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After a little bit of time having no inspiration, it came to me: A new blog post!

About insecurities.

Being insecure can make someone’s confidence lower so much that you can’t quite get the grasp of it. I am insecure. About a lot of things.

Right now? Mainly looks, because I want to fit in. Don’t we all?Continue Reading →


This is a letter for my ex-best friend.

We were friends, best friends and then the relationship ended. Because you thought popularity was more important than friendship. But I still want to thank you. Thank you for showing me what true friendship is and what fake ones are. You pretended to be my best friend for so long and I kept believing the act.

To be honest, I don’t hate you. Usually someone would when their best friend goes behind their back, gossiping and bullying. But I don’t.Continue Reading →