After a little bit of time having no inspiration, it came to me: A new blog post!

About insecurities.

Being insecure can make someone’s confidence lower so much that you can’t quite get the grasp of it. I am insecure. About a lot of things.

Right now? Mainly looks, because I want to fit in. Don’t we all?

Every morning waking up early to find a good outfit or setting it up the night before. Now for some of you, make-up is another issue. I feel fat. My mum even told me to lose weight. I’ve been trying alright. I looked at this photo from a few years ago, my legs were so skinny, it was incredible. I wish I had my old legs again, my old body again. I was so much more confident back then. Everything changed. I ate so much and drank so unhealthy and still am, because I love it. But in order to lose weight, I started to go jogging. 3 km every Friday. Now that I’m on summer break, every day. Drinking lots of water and going jogging every day, eating healthy, not too much carbs and not too much fat. It sucks. But we got to do what we gotta do. If by the end of the summer I am back to skinny me, I will be very happy. I’m scared to tell my friends that I was told by my mum to lose weight.I told them that I was going jogging every day, and they simply asked why?I kind of dodged the question because truth is, my mum wants me to.Losing weight is not easy, but I have to try. My goal is lose 7 or more kg. At least 7.

More things I’m insecure about?

If anyone will every like me. Love me.

It’s a scary world full of people with insecurities.

As soon as we embrace these and accept each other for who we are, then this world will be even more beautiful than it already was.