It is the last day of pride month.

I am so proud of everyone that took part this month. I myself am not part of the LGBTQ+ community, but I do support and defend them fully.

I think that these people have been through so much, because the living the fear of not knowing the reaction your family and friends are going to give when you come out is terrifying. I can only imagine. The fact that some families even disown their own child for liking/loving the same sex.

There are a lot of people that don’t accept the LGBTQ+ community and I don’t get why.  Maybe because ‘straight’ has always been the ‘norm’. It’s always been Adam and Eve. Never different.

We need to accept everybody for wanting to be themselves, because what is wrong with being yourself? So what if they like the same sex, let them be.

Despite our differences we need to come together and accept and love each other for who we are. That is what pride month is all about. Not being afraid to go out and just for one month be 100% yourself. These people have all lived in fear and coming out is not easy, I wouldn’t know what that would be like, but I’m guessing terrifying. Let them stop living in fear and let them be themselves and not be afraid

A little while ago, I read this article about a girl wanting to hold her girlfriends hand and 12,14 year old kids starting shouting and calling them out. It felt horrible. What is happening to the youth nowadays?

Everybody in the society being taught that you need to be straight and when you’re different, you don’t feel at home.

Always having to pretend to be ‘just a friend’ to your girlfriend or boyfriend is absurd.

Everybody should feel at home, despite who they like.