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Month: December 2017

2017: The best and the worst

With a few days till the end of 2017 we often find ourselves reflecting on the year that has gone by. We reflect on all of our decisions, successes, but also our failures and our dark times. Saying: ‘New year, new me’ doesn’t change anything. You have to do it in order to get what you want. When you wait until the new year, you’re too late.


With Christmas being right around the corner and doing a speech today during English class, I want to talk a little about appreciation. And how it lacks in our society.


As my 16th birthday arrives, I sit here reviewing the past 16 years of my life. Usually this only happens when you turn 21 or 30. At least at an older period of your life you look at what you’ve accomplished, but also the mistakes and failures you made during that life time. For the past 16 years I have faced more than you could think of for a 16 year old. I have suffered parents getting divorced, loneliness, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stress and there’s about a hundred more… Read more 16