As I start this challenge, I want to adres something first. I love things. I love decorations and everything you can buy. So you might be wondering: ‘Why become a minimalist?’

Minimalism has entered my life, because I saw that as I consumed more and more things I was noticing that my room filled up with all of these things that I didn’t actually need. That’s why ‘Minimalism’ is going to be my hardest challenge yet. Learning to let go, have a clearer mind, less clutter, less stress, less stuff. The idea at first sounded freeing. Then I looked at what I had to do to eventually get there. It was going to be tough. Saying goodbye to sentimental items, saying goodbye to all of these things I had consumed over the years. I was so obsessed with the physical part of the things I owned that I soon realised I had too much stuff.

I had consumed and consumed where eventually it led me to a point in my life where there was too much going on in my head, too much to think about, too much to clean, too much time lost.

I stumbled upon minimalism, because of a Youtuber. Kraig Adams. He was a minimalist and I saw the way he was living and it was simple. Very simple. Only having the things he needed in life. Not consuming more than he actually needed. Later on, I saw this channel on Youtube called ‘The minimalists’. Clicked on it and boy did I find my way to a better life.

After that I soon found this documentary about minimalism made by The Minimalists and my whole perspective on life changed. I saw how people living in tiny houses could be very happy, I saw they were very calm, less stressed out, had everything organised and every possession they owned had a purpose.

In that moment, Everything changed. I wanted to become a minimalist, but soon realised it was going to take more than a day. It was going to take more than a week. It was going to take more than a year. I set priorities. The first one being school and all of my free time would be consisting of writing, reading, meditation, photography and becoming a minimalist.

It is going to take a while for me to actually become one, but I’m going to. I notice that the idea of being one makes me happy, less stressed out and in the process I learn discipline.

Cleaning up after yourself, being able to say ‘No, I don’t need it’, Learning to let go of things you once thought added value to your life. This might be a tough challenge and it may take me a long time, but it’s time. Time to make a change.