Photographer based in the Netherlands


Below you can read about thoughts I’ve had or things I experienced in my life.


As my 16th birthday arrives, I sit here reviewing the past 16 years of my life. Usually this only happens when you turn 21 or 30. At least at an older period of your life you look at what you've accomplished, but also the mistakes and failures you made during that life time. For the past 16 years I have faced more than you could think of for a 16 year old. I have suffered parents getting divorced, loneliness, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stress and there's about a hundred more things that I could name. 

But the past 16 years haven't been all bad. For example, the past 4 years have been kind of amazing. I made new friends, saw the truth behind people I thought I knew, made great memories with friends and family, but overall shared lots of love and laughter.

If there's anything I learned from the past 16 years, is that you should never take anything for granted, never be so deceived by anyone, never let go of the one you care most about. Everything can be taken from you at any given moment. But also be patient.

Patience is something we need to learn and develop as we get older. Patience is the key to building good relationships. Be patient with the one you love. Be patient with everything around you. Be patient with life. You'll never know if tomorrow, life has a different plan for you.

My life turned around 4 years ago. That's when life turned me to another path. A better one. A path that led to good things. Good things happen at the most unexpected moment you will ever imagine. All you need to do is be patient with one another.

So learn from me, as I review the past 16 years of my life and take a look at your own. Get rid of things that are toxic to your life, like I did. Go after your passion, do something crazy for once, live your life the best way possible everyday, because there might not be a tomorrow.