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18 Goals For 2018

I present to you: My 18 goals for 2018. I hope that after reading this, you'll be eager to list some goals too. 


This year I want to work on my mindset. Over the past years I've always felt like my mind was very cluttered, but overall busy. Constantly. It got to the point where I felt so stressed that I completely freaked out. So for 2018, I want to work on this. To not let things get up all the way in my head and cause a freak out. Because it is truly unnecessary. I want to work on my mind being calm and stress-free.


I've been often putting other people's needs before my own. I'm going to work on prioritising and putting myself on the first place more often. That sounds selfish, but it really isn't. I think we need to think about ourselves more often and think about what we need and the people who need our help, let them figure it out first before we go running to them. I have helped lots of people this past year, doing lots of favours and at the time I didn't think much of it, but soon I figured it out that I was letting my own things take the fall for it.

Open mind

I've always had a bit of a closed off mind, always afraid of what would happen if I tried something I had never done before. Becoming more open-minded might actually be a good opportunity for me. Saying yes to more things and not be so afraid of what will happen.

Confidence and feeling good in my body

I've struggled with confidence ever since I got bullied and this whole technology world got in the way of who we truly are. I remember being that kid who wasn't worrying about what people thought about her and just doing her own thing. I may act like I don't care, but I secretly do. The other thing I've felt insecure about is my body. Not feeling good about my body when it's actually not bad. I started to go running more and it's felt good and after every workout I feel more confident in my body.


I've struggled with discipline for school quite often. I've been just that lazy to not want to do anything. I really want to work on this, because school is important. School is what's going to get me into college. It's what's going to get me a job, money, a house, a good life. If you're thinking about quitting school, because it's simply just too stressful, think about your future and how it's going to affect it if you do end up quitting. If you quit on school, you're quitting on yourself.


I want to take several months this year to declutter. I want to get rid of things I don't need anymore. I want to donate, sell and throw out things. I recently did a presentation about minimalism where I talked about all the benefits of minimalism. It seems to be a better way of life, at least it does to me. Lots of things get easier; cleaning, organising and you focus on more important things in life, like relationships. To really push forward with this idea in my head, every time I declutter I keep this in mind:

"The easiest way to organise your stuff is to get rid of most of it"

Joshua Fields Millburn, half of the minimalists

Eat healthier and drink more water

I drank lots of soda over the past years and very little water, so I want to drink more water and eat healthier as well. I've eaten lots of unhealthy things and I'm going to try to eat that less and eat more vegetables and fruit.

Trust myself

This has to do a bit with my lack of confidence. I really want to learn to trust myself and know that I'm going to do fine. I feel some trust in myself when making tests, for example. But there's always this slight part of me that doesn't trust me at all.


I know for a fact that I'm very indecisive. If you gave me a multiple-choice test I would literally doubt myself every single time. I can never decide. For example, the night before I go to sleep I choose my outfit, but sure enough, the next day I change my mind and choose for something completely different. I am never satisfied with anything, I constantly want to change everything. I have an idea, but a few hours later I change my mind, when it was actually a good idea. ( my 14 drafts for this blog )


Getting more productive this year is really important. Getting more work done than yesterday. I want to stick to my routines and schedules and really get productive this year. Focus on the work that's important now, whether that's school or my passion.


I want to venture off and find new places I have never been to before and find the beauty in that place. Travel and explore the world more. Experience every trip as if it's my last.

Make a new friend

I'm a very shy person so I often don't walk up to strangers and introduce myself. I want to make a new friend. Someone I never would have guessed I could be friends with in a billion years. I want to open myself up to more opportunities and just do it!


I've taken better care of my skin for the past few months and I want to continue this. I can see that I am happier with myself when I have less acne and when I take care of my skin it has gotten me only good things.

A big adventure

Anyone up for an adventure? I want to be able to say: "let's go on a road trip!" Anything. A few days away with friends, away from the world, away from reality.

Mental health

Lately I've really become more aware of my mental health. I'm not one that likes to talk about my feelings a lot, but it feels good. I talk about my feelings a little with my friends, but a guidance counselor or therapist is better. Someone who doesn't know you and doesn't really have the right to judge you is something that is really helpful. This is not an insult to any of my good friends who are there for me, it's just different. I want to become more and more aware of my mental health and work on it.


I want to improve my organising and planning, because I'm the worst at it. I want to keep up with my to do list, my bullet journal and write about something everyday in my journal.

Don't be too hard on myself

I've always pushed myself beyond my limit, but 9/10 times it has never worked. I sometimes notice that I'm just too hard on myself. Learning to be nicer to myself and not push myself beyond what I'm able to do.

Read 4 books

Yes, it's not a lot. I used to read a lot and I want to be realistic for this last goal. I know myself and I know that I might not even reach this goal. There's something about reading that makes me very uninterested, but we're going to give it a go.

Thank you so much for reading! Please tell me about your goals ( if you have any ) for this year.

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