Photographer based in the Netherlands


Below you can read about thoughts I’ve had or things I experienced in my life.


A lot of times in our lives we forget to enjoy life. We get so caught up in the 9-5 hustle that we forget to have a little fun and treat ourselves to something good. I want you to enjoy. Enjoy those moments, give yourself a break once in a while, because you need it. I had to study non stop for about a month and for a minute there, I forgot what it felt like to have fun and not worry so much about everything. I would feel trapped, unhappy and unsatisfied. For the past few weeks, I've felt a lot like everything that I've been doing is so pointless. As I walked out the door one morning, someone special said to me: This is for your future. And as I was cycling to school, I realised she was right. Everything I'm doing right now, is my ticket to earning money and having a good life. Even if it brings me down a lot, I walk out that door every morning, step onto my bike and go to school, because this, this is for my future. All those hours spent doing homework, studying for tests, making projects, that. That is for my future.

I don't have it completely bad, don't worry. There's all the school vacations I get to enjoy and the moments where I don't have such a big workload so I decide to plan something fun and give myself break. Whether that's watching Netflix all day or being with a good friend.

Giving yourself a break is also quite good for your mental health. We neglect it often, but speaking as someone with experience. Things can become very overwhelming at times and we need those close friends or family members to help us get through it. Once I told someone about what I was going through, it helped. It helped so much to a point where I started to feel happy again, I started to feel good again. Don't push yourself beyond your limits, don't be to hard on yourself and don't pressure yourself too much. Neglecting your mental health can make or break you, so try not to let it break you, because that's not a pretty sight to look forward to.

Enjoying life is very important, because you only get one. And that's something we forget often too, that we only have one life. One life to prove ourselves, to be good, to be kind, to be loved, to be brave, to be strong, to be remembered.

So if you're thinking about going out, go. If you can't decide if you should book that trip, just book it. If you think you don't deserve to buy something nice for yourself, you've got it all wrong. You deserve it more than anyone. Enjoy those beautiful moments and remember those tough times.

With much love,