Photographer based in the Netherlands


Below you can read about thoughts I’ve had or things I experienced in my life.


We often find ourselves having lots of opportunities. That could be getting the job you always wanted or going to that big social event. Creating opportunity is where everything changes.

I used to just wait for opportunities to come. Hoping they'd wait for me at the front door. Not anymore. I started to say: 'No. I'm not sitting around anymore'. So the next day I woke up and started creating opportunities for myself. I launched a website, launched a new Instagram account, started a blog, connecting with new people, but mostly letting myself be more open with more people. I am someone who is afraid of showing her feelings. Only when I would feel comfortable around you I would tell you things I haven't told anyone. Every day there's a new opportunity. A new opportunity to message that person you haven't talked to in ages or to take your skateboard out and take it for a ride, because lets face it, you haven't done that in years either. We invest a lot of our time and money in things we get rid of or lose interest in after a few months. I know I have.

I wanted something so badly and I decided that it was time I stopped waiting and started doing. I had the opportunity to attend this party or get something done for a friend that would help her out a lot, but I decided to not do it. Perhaps, because I was scared.

I've always been frightened by new things. Whether that's new people or new places. I was always frightened of the idea of trying something I've never done before. I recently watched 'Still Alice' and that speech changed my life. Of course, I haven't had much of a life yet, I'm only 16 years old, but that speech impacted me so much that I am starting to just 'live in the moment, because it's really all we can do'. We only have this one life, this one life, to make things right and to make things better. Creating opportunities by taking the first step is the way to go. I started saying: 'Okay, so this photography thing is something I really want to do' and built a website, setting up photoshoots and just started creating opportunities. I have the opportunity to create something special every day. I have the opportunity to meet new people every day. I have the opportunity to be even more kind and loving than the day I was before.

I'm not afraid to say that I had been struggling in December of 2017. That was the hardest month of my life. By talking about it I created the opportunity to be closer to people and have more friends than I had the day before.

We see all these opportunities fly by, but we never actually choose to take them. Maybe because we don't feel like it or because we don't think it's interesting enough. Who ever might have told you that taking risks or opportunities is a bad thing, was 100% wrong. It's because of those risks and opportunities that I am who I am today. That you are who you are, today.

All I ask is that you start creating opportunities for yourself, not for me, not for anyone else. Just for you. Because it's important to take good care of yourself. You can't take care of others fully if you can't take care of yourself. So, please. Live in the moment, because it's really all we can do.