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Take A Risk

I dare you to take a risk. As 2018 starts I dare you to do something crazy. Of course, doing something you've never done before can be scary. In my case it was starting a blog. You have to start from scratch unless, of course, you have a following already. But for most of us, just like for me it was scary. Would people care enough? Would I be good enough? What if people at school found out? I took a risk and what was on the other side really suprised me. Before I started writing so much I was really scared. I was scared that people at school were going to find out and say something about it. I was scared to open myself up to all these strangers. I was scared I wasn't good enough. I did it anyway and I'm glad I did it. I would have never guessed in a million years I would get such good responses from family and friends, but also strangers contacting me through social media and saying they liked my website. The past two months have been amazing, I finally started getting my work out there, creating opportunities and having close friends that helped me out was amazing. That feeling when I am out shooting or behind my desk writing, it's something I have never felt before.

I started perhaps, because I was inspired by lots of people that were writers or bloggers and their stories inspired me. Their writing inspired me. I also started, because I wanted to finally tell my story.

The story about how I got where I am now, the struggles, stress, anxiety, I face daily and everything that evolved or is still evolving around my life. Because, I'm sixteen I feel like I'm too young to start doing this. For example: minimalism. I am slowly becoming a minimalist, but some my friends didn't take that article seriously, whilst I actually was being serious. No matter how hard I try to deny it, I want people close to me, to like my stories, get inspired and take it seriously. I put a lot of effort into my writing. Improving it, with every article I write. Besides that, writing is something I can just do on my own. I focus for a little while and start writing as soon as I get an idea and for my photography I always have to set up shoots which takes up more of my time and all the scheduling and the editing around that takes up a lot of my time as for writing that usually takes me about 20 minutes depending on the story I want to tell.

It might be distracting to see the constant theme changes or switches on my website, but that is simply, because I want to constantly improve. If it gets annoying I'll try and stop ;)

The whole point of this article is that I want you to not be afraid to put yourself out there. If you think you have some kind of crazy idea or you think you're good at something, have at it! Go do it and maybe it will turn out in a way you will never expect, just like I did.

Once we have that self-confidence that we can do something and won't feel the need to be afraid of what's going to happen next, that's where your story begins. I challenge you to do a billion things this year you never would have dreamed of.

Taking a risk is always going to be scary, but if you don't take one, two or three, you'll never actually live. The biggest influencers, creators, actors, artists, they all took a risk. Believing that they could. I'm not saying that you're going be as lucky as them, but with an idea in your head, belief that you can and hard work, you'll get there.

That last part? I remind myself of that everyday. Maybe, just maybe, you should too.