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The Other Side Of Fear

Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you. There have been so many times where I let fear stop me. It stopped me from doing the right thing. It stopped me from doing what I wanted most. What is on the other side of fear?

I think it's freedom. Finally feeling like you stepped out of your comfort zone and into the danger. Freedom is what gives us the feeling that we can do anything we want. Freedom is what gives us a chance to do something different, perhaps something better.

I often say: 'I fear death' but what I don't realise is that I'm actually having the fear of not truly living. I think that's what scares us most. The idea of not living fully. The idea of not having done enough. The idea that you are running out of time.

Time is something crazy. "It flies by' as they say. And that's true, but for some bits in our life it's not. Like the time someone close to you dies. It's like time. just. stopped. You aren't able to comprehend it and you feel like being frozen in time. Or that moment when you get fired from your job and everything slows down. Or when the bank you're in , gets robbed and everything goes so fast. Time can be scary. With the blink of an eye, you're grown up, you have a house, a dog, kids and you end up under ground. Now, I'm not trying to scare you, but we need to take action and not let fear stop us from doing that one thing we said we'd always do. Some point in our life.

We often find ourselves joking about fear. But the ones that overcome those fears and actually take it seriously, those are the ones that actually stepped out of their comfort zone.

When I think of my comfort zone, I think of when I'm around my friends. So obviously if I'm not around them, I feel uncomfortable and out of place. Do you feel like that when you're not in your comfort zone?

I've struggled with many fears, but recently I've decided to just live my life, the best way I can. Making videos, photos, hanging with friends, travel, get to know new people... that's another one.

I am terrified of meeting new people. I am a very shy person and never been good at small talk. If I'm at a party where I know one person I'll be with that person serving as some sort of shadow. Meeting new people is far away from my comfort zone.

But I recently became more openminded, yet it's still scary. I think that anything you would do that you hadn't done before, like eating this weird dish they served at that strange restaurant you once went to. It would be scary and you would be afraid of doing that one thing or having the courage to walk up to that someone and speak.

What is really on the other side of fear?

It's the idea that you've lived. No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

Imagine you made a bucket list when you were a kid, after almost a decade you find that same bucket list. Do you throw it out or do you decide then and there that you're going to do every single thing on that bucket list that your 5 year old self dreamed of?

We're often persuaded by our close friends or relatives and that can help too. They can help you get over your biggest fear. Whether that is jumping off a bridge or killing a spider.

So think about it. Are you really afraid or just stalling? Is the other side of fear as bad as you think? Because I disagree. Get out and get busy!