Get To Know Esmee

I’ve made the website more personal than business. I would love for you to get to know me and know how I work instead of just a simple ‘fill in this form’.

Let’s start.

Hi! I’m Esmee and I’m currently 16 years old ( yes, I know, really young )

Don’t let my age fool you. I handle everything as professional as I can, but not too much, because then there wouldn’t be any fun 🙂

I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It would make a whole lot more sense if I would have everything in Dutch, but I don’t want to just be in one place. I want to travel, see new places and meet new people. If you do live in the Netherlands, contact me and we can book a session together!

I’ve been told I have certain opinions or things I say that normally would only come out of an adult’s mouth. Someone even told me once that age really doesn’t matter and it really doesn’t.

I’ve been doing photography for about 5 years now. It’s been a hobby for a very long time until last December in 2017, when something happened and I decided to do it. Start a website and start some kind of business. I would usually just take some photos on vacations, but ever since I got inspired to do more with my photography I started taking more photos. I experimented a lot, I still do. So, yes. I’m not what you would call ‘a professional’, but if you give me chance, I’m sure you’ll be happy you did.

I love capturing people just the way they are. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Ever since I started taking photography more serious I’ve noticed I always put people in my pictures. For now, I am mainly focusing on portrait shoots, but I’m open for anything. I’m still trying to expand my portfolio and if you’re looking to do that too, maybe we can help each other out 🙂

I like to work very relaxed and just keep it fun. I do this very passionately and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon.

Give me chance to prove that I’m worthy of hiring. I work hard and I like to do as minimal editing as I can to keep the rawness and authenticity of your photos.

If you’ve come this far, thank you and I hope to see you in the future 🙂