Hey there! You’ve stumbled upon a page solely created to give you a chance to ‘learn more’ about having your photo taken.

So first thing’s first: I’m Esmee LO and I’m a photographer but I like to explore anything and everything that has to do with creativity. I enjoy writing, filming, drawing, podcasting, you name it. I picked up photography again back in 2017 and it has since then grown into a big passion of mine. Other than that, I write, film, read, draw, make a podcast and do way too much daydreaming. My head is always filled with crazy ideas. If you want to know more about how I got here, read it on my About page. If you’re interested in what kind of photos I take, check out my portfolio.

When it comes down to your shoot though, I have a few links I’d like to redirect you to. First off: my packages page. I offer three different packages and it would be best if you chose what kind of package you’d like. We (you&me) can also of course make a customised package exactly to your needs. Secondly, I have an FAQ page where you can learn more about your shoot. That’s pretty straightforward, right?

If you still don’t know what the heck it is you’re doing, fill in the form or reach me at esmeelophoto@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP! :)

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What do your friends call you?
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