What kind of photographer would you say you are?

I’d say I’m a Natural Lifestyle Photographer. There is nothing that I love more than candid moments.

How old are you?

As you’ve probably noticed throughout the entire website, I’m 17. But I don’t let my age define who I am. I am my own person and I’d love for you to get to know me.

Where do you live?

I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Throughout the Netherlands and Belgium I am able to travel, most likely with train and for your shoot you will be separately charged a travel fee. However, if you live somewhere other than these two countries, it’s hard to say if I can make it to take photos for you, because I’m still in high school, I usually only work on the weekends or during vacations. Nonetheless, contact me and maybe we can work something out.

What can I expect from our shoot?

Depending on the shoot you’ve chosen, I try to work things out to your wishes. I like to work relaxed and just keep it fun. You can expect to be busy with me for at least two hours, so please keep the day free as much as possible because sometimes unexpected things can happen and it takes longer. I wouldn’t want to have had a rushed shoot with photos that you’re not happy with.

Can I share my photos to any type of social media?

Yes of course! As long as you won't crop or alter them in any way, share it! And make sure you don’t forget to tag me! @esmeephoto on Instagram & Twitter and @esmeelophotography on Facebook

How did you decide on your prices?

I want you to know that my prices are a very standard ‘beginner’ price range. I want you to be happy with the result of our shoot. I compared with other photography friends of mine, and they have similar prices. I also looked at my skillset at the moment and how invested I am. Like I said, I’m 17. Not legally an adult yet, so it would also seem somehow weird if I asked you a ton of money but just like any photographer, I have gear and my time and yours, are valuable.

How long can I expect it to take before I have my photos?

My usual turn around time is 6-8 weeks, but i tend to post one or two on my instagram or send you previews. Of course I will keep in touch as much as i can about the progress of your photos and when you can expect them to be in your inbox.

How many photos can I expect from our shoot?

It varies per shoot, but usually around 5 images minimum. I usually like to spoil my clients so you’ll likely receive more.

Can I get ALL the photos from our shoot?

No you may not. You’ll receive photos less any blinking, blurry or safety shots I may have taken. I value my editing style and I don’t deliver any photos unfinished.

Why are you a photographer?

I love capturing memories, making people happy and going out of my comfort zone. Photography gives me the ability to do all three. I love connecting with people and I am very shy so doing photography also lets me get out of my comfort zone.

Why should I hire you?

I'm not going to try and convince you that you should hire me. There is lots of competition and fellow photographers that are either just as good or even better, but why would you choose me? I like to work relaxed and keep it fun. I love and would be honored to capture you just the way you are. We could create something beautiful. I do take your suggestions into consideration and I am very flexible. If you have an idea during a shoot or before, you can always reach me and I'll take it into consideration. If it turns out to be something that isn't possible I'll think of a solution that works just as good.

Do you have a place where I can get to know you better?

On the About page you can learn more about me but we can always go out for coffee or set up a call. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Doing this will help us both to know exactly who we’re working with.

I look forward to hearing from you!