People that have stood in front of my lens are the best people to describe what it’s like to have a photoshoot with me. Read right here about their experiences.


“There was something unique,

emotional and

beautiful about her


“I did a request for a photoshoot through Facebook, and got replies back from over 80 photographers. After looking through all of them, Esmee her pictures really stood out. There was something unique, emotional and beautiful about her style. During the photoshoot I had so much fun, she is really kind and relaxed. We improvised a lot, and it worked. Making art on the spot, that’s the way to roll and be pure.”

- Portrait Shoot


“She knew how to put us at ease.”

“Esmee had picked out a beautiful location and she knew how to put us at ease. She gave us the freedom to improvise and do things that we wanted to try. The pictures came across spontaneously. Really good quality and we are grateful to have these photos.”

- Family Shoot

“The spontaneous laughs were



“I really liked the fact that I could do my own thing during the shoot and Esmee who gave me directions once in a while, like how I could pose the best or where to look. The spontaneous laughs were perfectly timed. She herself is very spontaneous girl, so there was never an awkward silence. After all the trouble she went through, I am super happy with the photos that I received. This was a very successful shoot!”

- Portrait Shoot

“She manages to see the beauty in


that they don’t see in themselves.”

“The number one reason why I love shooting with Esmee is because she’s such a good friend. I love spending time with her because she’s always been there for me. Secondly, she is so talented! She manages to see the beauty in others that they don’t see in themselves. She’s so driven and I think that every girl/woman can be inspired by that. She’s also really professional and passionate about her job. She is what I aim to be when I get older: talented, creative, driven, professional, and being a good friend.”

- Portrait Shoot